Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yeesh! My magic box is losing it!

My computer has either the power supply or the motherboard going out. I think. Runs fine, but when I put a cd in the drive it started to spin up and then the whole thing shut down. Did this the other day, and the first couple of times I pushed the power button it'd start to come on, then shut off again. Third time came all the way up.

So of course I tried the other cd drive and it did the same thing. Dammit, I hate messing with crap like this. I don't know how to test either the supply or the board, and the idea of trying parts until it's fixed(what am I, and IBM tech?) is not attractive. There's a couple of good computer shops not far away, one of which is highly recommended by people who really do know their ass from a hole in the ground on the subject, so if need be I can take it there.

It boils down to if I don't at least make a try at fixing it myself, I'll feel like a jerk. So if you read a news report of someone in Oklahoma turning into a fluorescent bulb, you'll know I touched the wrong connection.

Any suggestions- other than "Take it to the shop!" since I already know that one- accepted.

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