Friday, February 09, 2007

Some more on Bloomberg's kick in the ass

from Cam Edwards:For months the ATF was silent on the matter, but recently disclosed that an investigation into Bloomberg’s actions was taking place. Now the Battle letter, first made public by the New York Daily News, details the problems with Bloomberg’s attacks on firearms dealers.

According to the Daily News, none of the gun dealers Bloomberg is suing broke federal law and took part in straw purchase transactions. The letter also took Bloomberg to task for conducting these stings "without proper law enforcement authority," though there is no indication that BATFE or the Justice Department would seek to file charges against Bloomberg or his civilian private investigators. Instead, the letter warns that Bloomberg’s operations could put the city at risk of legal action.

You think maybe?

On the other side, at least one of the stores sued by Bloomberg has counter-sued the mayor, alleging Bloomberg had conspired with others to deceive the store in order to falsely and fraudulently purchase a firearm. Former Congressman Bob Barr is representing Smyrna, Georgia-based Adventure Outdoors, and he says the news is “very problematic” for the mayor, and presumably very good news for his client. The Georgia retailer is seeking $400 million in compensatory damages in the libel and slander suit.

Let's see, $400 million... Even in NYFC(as Kim puts it) that's serious money. Now some of the other dealers smeared and sued by this clown need to counter-sue also. And if it's being done according to the law, then Bloomberg and his buttmonkeys need to have criminal charges filed against them. It's a start, anyway.

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