Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some thoughts- and a question- on our current situation

After reading Kim's posts here and here, and that of the Mrs. here, I've been thinking. And I have a question.

First, some background.
Part 1
I mentioned once before the reason I haven't even tried to date for quite a while is I got tired of the games. It seems to have become some kind of standard to do one of two things, or both:
Make things as difficult as possible. Not answer calls for a while, make a date and then break it, and basically make the guy jump through hoops to 'prove he's worthy' or something, and

If they decide they don't want to go out again, never ever have the courtesy to simply say so; instead they just don't return calls, until you give up.

And sometimes they seem to combine the two. They're actually playing the first, and if you get sick of it and stop calling then they spend a while telling their friends about the sorry male who dumped them.

Part 2
I've known a bunch of people over the last few years who are either pacifists or damn close, ranging from women who actually believed that for a woman to use violence to stop an attacker makes her as morally wrong as the attacker, to people who say(admit, rather) that you have the right of self-defense, but limit it and hedge it so straitly that it's almost impossible to meet their standards. Mind you, the pacifists- if pressed- will admit that if someone's breaking into their house or stalking them they'll call the cops and expect them to act, but generally don't seem to see the problem with someone else doing violence for them("My hands are clean, so it doesn't matter", etc.)

My question is, do you see this to be as connected as I do?

Loss of respect for others, and loss of respect for the value of life itself, and freedom.
Because if you tell someone their life and/or freedom isn't worth fighting for("Violence is never the answer!" and so forth) then you're telling them their life and freedom is without value. Because if you think you have some privilege to treat others like crap and they're supposed to take it and smile to prove they're worth your attention, you're telling them you have no respect for them.
And the above seems to me tied in with the multi-culti suicidal garbage that's put our very cultural survival on the line. If you don't respect the life and freedom of others, if you don't have any respect for others, then you probably have little or no respect for this culture itself: even if it's twisted around to make it pc, you don't respect it enough to think it's worthy of defending.

And the above is directly connected to the unwillingness to face- hell, to even admit to- the threat we face. People who will not or cannot face that the enemy, the islamists and communists(Chavez, anyone?) want us either subjugated or dead(in the case of the islamists, dhimmi, converted or dead, and they seem to prefer dead). If they do admit to the threat, they have to hedge it with excuses for the enemy and make it somehow all our fault. Maybe that helps them believe that the enemy doesn't really mean it, so they don't have to really worry about it.

I realize that this mess has been gone over by people with far better backgrounds in psychology and philosophy than I. This is the way I've put it down, in part just to organize my thoughts on it. What do you think?

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