Thursday, February 08, 2007

In the Atlanta case of abuse of police powers,

the D.A. is seeking criminal charges. As in felony murder.

I flat can't stand this:Atlanta police Sgt. Scott Kreher, president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, called reports that prosecutors would seek indictments against the officers "sad."

"I think any time law enforcement officer is accused of a crime, we all sit back and wonder what went wrong and look within ourselves in what we do day to day," Kreher said. "Hopefully, if it's presented to a grand jury and there isn't enough evidence, they will send back a no bill."

Gee, Sgt. Kreher, I think it's sad that police officers got a warrant under false conditions and killed an old woman because they couldn't be bothered to actually, you know, investigate before they went over to kick in the door.

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