Friday, February 09, 2007

Sometimes good things come from EvilBay

Couple of days ago was browsing over flashlights, searched 'led flashlights', and among lots of stuff ran across this:

It was listed as a '1 watt led light' that puts out 35 lumens. Hmmm, little over five bucks, three minutes to go, hey, free shipping! So I put in a bid, and won, and paid for it.

Know how shipping of some things seems to take forever? Not this time, it was in the mailbox about 48 hours after I paid. Very nice.

It's an aluminum body 4.25" long, about 1.25" diameter at the head, pushbutton tailswitch. Uses three AAA batteries: unscrew the back and a plastic housing drops out, put in the batteries, slide it back in and close it up. Then wait for dark to try it out.

I don't have any way to measure it, but this sucker is bright. Not as bright as my Surefire G2, but bright; you do not want to shine it in your eyes. The light compares favorably to the Surefire in that it's a bright center with no shadows or dark spots, though it does have that led blue tint(not bad, but noticeable).

I want to find out how long batteries will last in this, so I'm going to mark a starting time, turn it on and leave it until it goes out or too dim to use. Update to follow.

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