Sunday, February 04, 2007

"And the cat's in the suitcase..."*

Just read this over at Lawdog, and it flat demands that you read it. And consider the amount of damage involved.

Years ago in first marriage we had a cat named Catmatyx(we'd read the Asteryx the Gaul comics). Black & white male with a- even for a cat- oversize amount of 'do not mess with me'. The day came for him to be fixed, and wife took him to the vet on her way to work, planning to pick him up on the way home.

About 2:30 the vet called her and basically said "Come get your cat. Now." She got permission from her boss and off she went. As she entered the office she could hear the damndest noise you can imagine, cats yowling and dogs barking hysterically. Vet came out and gave her the story:
Vet came to get cat for his anaesthetic, and he would not come out of the cage. Vet got assistant, cat got vet; several stitches worth. With two men with gauntlets they finally got him tranqed, which required- to put him out enough for the surgery- a full double-dose. Surgery went with no problems.

Cat starts coming out of it, wobbles himself into a crouching position. Then glared at the cat in the next spot until it started yowling. Then moved onto a dog, then another cat, etc., until he had pretty much every animal in the place going off. When one would tone down, he'd glare at them until they started again, and after a while of this they called her.

The vet went to get him, and- again- he ain't comin' out without a fight, and he can barely sit up without wobbling. The vet was pulling on the gauntlets when wife said "Let me try", and called him. "Catmatyx, here kitty kitty". He looked around, jumped out of the cage and ran over to her, she picked him up and he settled down and began purring, causing vet to give him a glare of enormous proportions.

He also, as his goodbye, requested(demanded) that he never deal with that animal again.

That was one interesting cat.

*apologies to Harry Chapin

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