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Ref my post on 'some thoughts', Updated

Here's where being 'sensitive and caring, and let the gummint take care of it' has gotten Britain:
Mr Vine perseveres with a concrete example: suppose you, the conscientious adult, see a young man aggressively shouting at an old woman. What should you do – retreat and call the police? Mr McNulty responds rather confusingly: "I think you should in the first instance. It may well be [that] simply shouting at them, blowing your horn or whatever, deters them and they go away." So how does it go again? You should "in the first instance" retreat and call the police (who presumably will help you to decide whether things are "as bad as you paint" by suggesting that you might be exaggerating or imagining the circumstances), but then – having so retreated – you are to shout or blow your car horn in an attempt to send the young thug scurrying away like a frightened kitten. Ok-a-a-y…

Mr Vine goes on with his vivid picture of life on the mean streets of Britain: the aggressive-looking young man is hitting the elderly woman, and the police still haven't turned up. What do you do then?

Mr McNulty is now reversing away at full speed from the Government's advice to take action rather than moan. What should you do about the woman being beaten up by the thug? "The same, the same, you must always." What? Wait for the authorities? In desperation, the minister advocates what most of us, in fact, do end up doing under such horrifying circumstances: you must "get back to the police". That is, ring them up again and again, reporting the worsening agony you are witnessing only to be told that they (a) haven't got a car in the area, (b) don't have the manpower to deal with small incidents, (c) will get there as soon as they can (which turns out to be anything from an hour to a day later).

Kim- or the Mrs., can't remember which- wrote about the problem with teachers bitching that 'the parents are not involved enough' is that when parents are involved, unless you're kissing their ass and going along with every word they bitch because 'you're not supporting the teacher'. Well, here we have a wonderful example of the government, having been shown to be incapable of dealing with crime(as they haven't been for years) warning you that you'd better not do anything other than call the cops while an old woman is being beaten; you'll be in severe trouble if you do. "We can't help her, but you'd better not do anything either!" in effect.

Which goes back to "Your life- and that of other honest citizens- is, if worth anything, worth less than that of an attacker." No respect for your life, for your freedom, for your neighbors, but HUGE respect/tolerance for criminals. And when things get worse and worse, their only solution is(in Kevin's words) "Do it again, but more so!" And when that doesn't work...

Here we not only have the aforementioned idiots with "Violence is never the answer", we have the government enforcing that you must never take action. Which means things to to hell. Or go there faster, as the case may be. When the criminals know they have nothing to fear from people seeing the crime happen, and possibly even less to fear from the police...

Update: well, hell, I just looked at Kevin's place and found he'd posted on this particular bit of government BS. With much more background.

I'm going to bed. With the Benelli in reach. Which I wish the poor bastards across the pond could do.

Updated 2: just found this at Clayton Cramer:
A Chief constable was accused of 'madness' last night after refusing to release pictures of two escaped murderers amid fears it might breach their human rights.

Derbyshire's top policeman David Coleman claimed the killers posed 'no risk' to locals, while the force said it had to consider the Human Rights Act and data protection laws when asked to publish 'wanted' photographs of the two men.

and making this crap even worse:
Nixon and Croft were both being held at the category D Sudbury open prison to finish their life sentences, which were both imposed in 1996.

The two men, both from Manchester, were being held there to help prepare them for release, and had been allowed periods of home leave and work placements. Croft went missing on October 31 and Nixon failed to appear at a roll call on November 2. [emphasis added]

And further:
Paedophiles exploited its well-intentioned commitment to equal opportunities and soon most of Islington's 12 children's homes had child molesters on the staff who cynically pretended to be ordinary homosexuals. Numerous children and other staff made allegations of abuse, but were branded homophobes and ignored.

Liam - now 29, in a permanent relationship and the proud father of year-old Isabella - was even falsely classified as gay by Islington social services, which decided he should be fostered only by single men.

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