Thursday, November 11, 2004

How not to manage a crime problem

The British are now wanting to ban 'assault knives', among other things, in response to rising crime rates. I guess since restricting/banning firearms has worked so well, huh?

Guys, it's not a knife problem, it's a criminal problem. This article presents all the usual stuff; greater police 'random stop and search' powers, restricting sales of 'non-household' knives, etc. It also has this: "photographs of makeshift weapons, including scissor blades taped to a broom handle, to demonstrate the extent of the problem.". Which points out the problem, but not in the way they think it does.

I can take a piece of metal, a hacksaw, a vise and a file and turn out a working knife in a few minutes. People in prisons do it all the time with less. The problem is not the object, it is the people using them. Same with firearms; an honest citazen with an automatic weapon is not a threat, a criminal with a zip gun is. And all the laws in the world won't change that.

And as long as they keep thinking that adding more laws will solve the problem, the problem will continue to get worse.

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