Monday, January 04, 2021

Scenes from the range

First up, guy rented a pistol, and was asked "Do you understand how it operates?"  "Yes, I know how to use it."

Few minutes later after RSO sees him having problems
Don't ask me, I'm still wondering.  It was so jammed-up we couldn't get the floorplate off, had to use a screwdriver to pry one out, then was able to get the others.

While later, guy comes out: "My M&P is jammed.  We chambered a round, it wouldn't fire, and now we can't get it to open."  Grab muffs, go to see.  Finally managed to get the slide back, but the round was stuck in the chamber; had to use a rod and some tapping to get it out.  Which gave us a round with no primer and "What the hell?"  Bit of cleaning and looking gave us
one round of Winchester white box with no flash hole.  The primer had fired and driven the case forward, jamming it in the chamber.  That was unique.


Andy said...

First guy = dumb as a box of rocks. Second guy experienced a factory defect that most of us only hear of occassionaly.

Jeffery in Alabama said...

I've seen a mag loaded like that before! LOL

blindshooter said...

I've broken decap pins processing 9mm brass on my D1050, lately its been WIN brass with the flash hole way off center.