Saturday, January 09, 2021

You know it's bad when something like this is sold out

Friend is trying to find .50-70 Government brass.  Fat chance.  EVERYWHERE is sold out of even that.  He did find a bullet mold and some dies, but until some brass turns up his smokepole will have to remain silent.

The most common question at the range for months now has been "Do you have any 9mm?", followed by "- any .223/5.56?"  About 50% of the time both from the same person.  I'm guessing that not only is everyone buying everything they can, but companies have shifted as much production as they can to the most-in-demand stuff.

This is not fun.


Anonymous said...

It's funny because i'm not seeing shortages up in Canada and all our ammo is made in the US. Its almost like its an artificial shortage.


Elmo said...

Proof positive that you've got to get it while the getting is good. If you can't get it now it's not good getting, it's bad on you.

Fred said...

I have a feeling that in the near future the assholes coming into power are going to try to limit ammo production and sales.

skybill said...

Hi Firehand,,,
Funny thing you should mention that!!! Like, Man there's zip out there unless you are in the first batch in line when "Academy" opens at 10AM and can get 150 rounds (3 (50 round) boxes) that came in on the overnight truck!! Same at Wallyworld....

We've come a long way... from just simple rhetoric to this is the real cheese!!
It all started at the "Soap Box," went to the "Ballot Box," from there to the "Jury Box" and now we are at the final Box... "THE CARTRIDGE BOX!!!!!!!"

Audentes, Fortuna Iuvat!!!!!!,

Firehand said...

Anon, I don't think so. We had a triple-whammy year(national election year, virus mess, riots) and that, on top of a LOT of new gun owners over the last few years, caused an effing huge demand. Throw in primer production being thrown off by first, having to shut down in some states because of the idiot virus orders, and then only being able to do partial production for some time("You can only use this many of these workstations because Social Distancing!"), that really effs things up.

I'm really surprised at the number of people who're SURPISED!! they can't just walk in and buy a case of ammo("Why isn't there any ammunition, I don't understand!"); you'd think they never watch the news, or it didn't occur to them there might be a problem the first time or two they couldn't find any.