Wednesday, January 06, 2021

A bunch of right-leaning protesters are making noise in DC, and the hypocrites are out in force

People who thought antifa and BLM and general anarchist idiots burning, looting, beating, killing, and attempting mass murder was just fine because 'Justice' and 'Free Speech'* are having conniptions at this 'attempt to destroy/take over the country', etc.(maybe they object to protesters who aren't stealing, killing, and destroying historical works?)

I think Larry Correia said it best:
The left spent the last year demonstrating that "fiery but mostly peaceful" gets results. It was only a matter of time before angry people on the other side learned from that.
I've said before that to the left political violence is a knob that can be turned up and down, from blocking traffic and rioting and arson all the way up to murder. But generally the right has thought of it as a switch that goes from Vote to Fucking Kill Everybody.
Only today it appears that a whole bunch of people on the right are trying out that knob.

Buckle up. Things are going to get weird.
Yes, they are. I imagine there will be a huge number of people screaming "It was DIFFERENT when WE did it!", and not liking it when asked "How?  Other than these people not looting, burning, blinding, and generally destroying everything in sight?"

*How trying to burn down a building with people in it counts as that I do not understand

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