Wednesday, August 14, 2019

They just won't learn

The mayor of Oslo, Norway is calling for a ban on machetes following a series of brutal attacks in the city using the deadly weapon. 
"People are committing crimes!  We must ban objects!

Mayor Raymond Johansen argues that Oslo doesn't have a need for the huge knives because the city doesn't have a jungle, which is where machetes are designed to be used. 
And if you're a gardener, or landscaper, or just a homeowner who uses one?  "Too bad, prole, We have decided you should use something else."

Apparently "Find the criminals and lock them up" is too insensitive, or difficult, or something.


markm said...

A knife is a tool. Humans are tool users. Why do we elect subhumans to public office?

Anonymous said...

I made a machete out of scrap wood, metal and copper wire for the rivets when I was 12. All these bans just show how little these people are capable of. If a product exists, people made it and other people can too. Are they going to outlaw machine tools as the means of producing the tools of war next? What about my welder and torch set for having the ability to create armor? How about knowelege of mechanics and design.

Damn... That is the plan. That whole thought process is depressing but provides motivation for me and my family.

Jeremy P.