Thursday, February 07, 2019

"Why do you have a problem with registering your guns?"

Added to everything else, crap like this:
The Buffalo News reports that Andrew Ciepiela, 46, recently tried to register an old Iver Johnson revolver that has been handed down through three generations. That’s when the Erie County Pistol Permit Department told him the gun, made in 1917, was last registered in the 1950s by a sexagenarian and, as a “nuisance” firearm, it could not be registered to him, clearing the way for local police to destroy it.
Screw these people, screw their permits, and screw every moron who wants your property on a list.


Grog said...

So, aside from the epic stupidity of this person wanting to register the handgun in the first place, a quick check shows this has some value, depending on the caliber.

Assclown. How could a person not know this would happen with the "society" we have now without being severely ignorant of the world.

Country Boy said...

A 102 year old Iver Johnson .38 will make a nice addition to some cops collection. There'll probably be a fight over which supervisor will get to take it home.

pigpen51 said...

I might have an old Iver Johnson revolver in .32 S and W that was the first revolver produced with the transfer bar safety. Not sure if I do or not. If I did, I would have to try and remember where my dad put it. Then I of course, would go and have it registered. If I remember, it has the owl's head grips.
Now that I think of it, I don't think I do have that gun. Too bad, I bet it might be worth a couple of bucks. Originally black powder, now I have heard it can be shot with modern ammo, since they load it lightly. Too bad I don't have it.