Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Not Catholic, but I have something to say about this

Nuns have suffered and are still suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and bishops, and even being held as sexual slaves, Pope Francis confirmed on Tuesday. The abuse was so severe in one case that an entire congregation of nuns was dissolved by former Pope Benedict.

The scope of the abuse of nuns by clergy members first came to light with the publication at the beginning of February of the monthly magazine "Women Church World." The edition included Francis' own take on the scandal -- long known about by the Vatican but virtually never discussed -- in which he blamed the unchecked power wielded by priests and higher clergy across the Catholic Church for such crimes.
Here's the thing, Francis: if their power is unchecked it's because YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB, YOU BASTARD.

That every one involved in this hasn't been defrocked and, where possible, handed to the civil authorities for prosecution is ON YOUR HEAD.

Maybe if you weren't so busy playing The Holy Socialist On Climate Change and such, you'd find some time to deal with this.

You suck, you're a failure, and you need to either get off your ass and go through your Church like Jesus went through the temple, or resign and go off into obscurity to do something to try and make up for/to the people you've failed.

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Dan said...

Jorge Bergoglio is a communist. Communism has no problem with enslaving people. He doesn't plan to do anything that interferes with the lefts agenda to use the world. Getting him installed in the Vatican was one of the biggest victories the communists have won since Marx put pen to paper.