Thursday, February 07, 2019

"You can trust the FBI, and Mueller is a saint!"

Yeah.  Right.
Robert Mueller, the former FBI director and current special prosecutor in the Russia case, once was hauled before the nation’s secret intelligence court to address a large number of instances in which the FBI cheated on sensitive surveillance warrants, according to evidence gathered by congressional investigators.
The episode is taking on new significance as Mueller moves into the final stages of his Russia probe while evidence mounts that the FBI work preceding his appointment as special prosecutor may have involved improprieties in the securing of a FISA warrant to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign in the final weeks of the 2016 campaign.
Anderson’s testimony isn’t just for the history books. It has as much relevance today as when the judges first became upset with the FBI. 

That’s because we now know the FBI, in 2016, omitted significant information from the application for the FISA warrant that allowed it to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in hopes of finding evidence of collusion between Russia and the GOP presidential nominee’s campaign.
And on.  And on.


KM said...

"Yet, thanks to Anderson’s recounting of the episode from 16-plus years ago, we now know the FISA judges don’t tolerate omissions of material facts and were angry enough in an earlier time to haul the FBI director into court to make their point.

Time in prison is usually the way judges show "anger".
Isn't it a crime to lie to a kang...FISA court? What a crock of Star Chamber crap!!

Firehand said...

Much like the cases of "The judge chewed out the prosecutor horribly for having broken these laws"; you'll notice that almost NEVER do they actually charge the bastards. Or recommend disbarment.

They may be angry, but not enough to actually DO something to a fellow lawyer.

markm said...

Usually courts don't even name the corrupt prosecutor in their published decisions.