Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Well, hell, no wonder all those Democrats were wearing white last night,

they're showing solidarity with the Democrats of Virginia.

Seriously, Virginia?  This is what you elected?

Cap that with the speech last night.  I didn't watch it(I almost never watch political speeches), but from the reaction of the leftists it was apparently one serious barn-burner of a talk.


riverrider said...

we didn't elect them. northern va elected them and many of them live and work in d.c./Maryland and cross over to vote. the politicians, like both our senators, know that there's enough of dem votes there that they never even bother campaigning out in the country to get elected. just promise them more money and more roads and they're in.

Anonymous said...

I live in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County), and *I* didn't elect them either. I am, however, experiencing a delightful feeling of schadenfreude just now...