Saturday, February 09, 2019

Having had a chance to shoot a M1 Carbine again,

I still think they're a fine light rifle.  The ones I've fired have been reliable, and while they're never going to make a match rifle, they're very much minute-of-goblin accurate at the ranges it was made for.

On the reliability side, ran across this a while back that covers much of that

The reliability seems to boil down to 'change the recoil spring and use good magazines'.


taminator013 said...

You got that right about the magazines. A guy at my range had a first generation Universal that he was going to sell. I just happened to mention to him that I was getting rid of a gently used Mossberg 935 and he wanted to trade even up. Deal! The carbine came with 300 rounds of loaded ammo, loading dies, ten magazines, powder, 1000 bullets for loading, brass, primers, stripper clips, GI oiler and a bunch of misc stuff. He warned me that some of the older magazines would give feeding problems and he was right. There was one brand new mag that he marked "do not use". This was the one that he used as his control magazine for measuring and adjusting the lips on all the others. I saw the video that you have posted shortly after I traded and the guy on there mentioned the same about the shitty mags. It is a fun shooter, though and with my old eyes it still prints minute of kill shot at fifty yards rapid fire........

Anonymous said...

I had a carbine for a LONG time that was an M-2 in everything but the giggle switch. I used to tell people that it was the best semi auto pistol I ever owed. You can replace those worn out springs in the carbine mags. As long as the feed lips are not boogered they'll shoot fine. But. You MUST have that M-2 trigger housing to use 30 round mags.---Ray