Tuesday, September 26, 2017

They're this spooked by objects,

I'm amazed Australians can survive there.
“The training ammunition is to be treated as a dangerous item if found and members of the public are urged not pick up or handle the training ammunition.
Four rounds of 9mm ball.  Jeez.

The NYeffingTimes: all the news they want you to see, the way they want you to see it.

And Germany is probably screwed.

From the Brit Antifa:
A fringe event at Labour conference has heard calls to expel Jewish activists from the party, while a speaker compared Israel to Nazis and the audience was banned from tweeting in an attempt to silence “hostile” coverage. The room echoed its agreement as a speaker protested that the Jewish Labour Movement was given a campaigning awarded yesterday, instead calling for the group and Labour Friends of Israel to be “kicked out” of the party. A speaker, Miko Peled, said Israel and Israelis should not be treated differently to white South Africans during Apartheid or Nazis. He claimed Israel was committing “genocide” in Gaza. He said those present should stop calling Israel by its name, a view taken up by other speakers who then referred to it only as “the Zionist state”. The notorious Tony Greenstein, who was suspended by Labour for ranting about “Zionist scum” was applauded, and there were cheers for Ken Livingstone.

"You won't ban speech we don't like?  We'll sue!"
"You lose."


Irish said...

They what? Got to you before you finished the post?

Firehand said...

That's called 'Hit the wrong!#*& key while typing'

Irish said...

Just making sure you're still there. ๐Ÿ˜

JFM said...

ANY Brit has got a lot of fucking nerve to make any comment on Israel or any middle Eastern country. Their partition of the Ottoman Empire is at least 50% of why everything is so fucked up over there. Oh, and they promised the Kurds a country. The only group that likes the West over there and has been fucked over by the West more than any other-except maybe the Jews.