Saturday, July 01, 2017

Tab clearing

What happens when the people in charge actually want to win: "We're not going to just push them to somewhere else, we're going to kill them."

Next time someone starts yelling about the awful & bloody Crusades, point this out.  Ought to piss them off mightily.

About damned time: a prosecutor going to jail for breaking the law and putting an innocent man in jail. Not for nearly long enough, but at least he's actually being punished for it.

Needs to happen a lot more often to crooked prosecutors and cops.

When you pass a law like this to protect colleges, it doesn't say good things about the college.

As Kevin once put it, 'an American who happened to be born somewhere else'.

No, "Shut up!" is not an argument; but it's different when THEY do it, don't y'know?

And now I have some brass to trim.  And so forth.

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