Friday, June 30, 2017

"How dare you point out how violent our side is!

YOU'LL be to blame for future problems!"  Etc.

"Not only are you racists, but by stopping funding for sanctuary cities you'll cause terrorist attacks!"
You'd have a hard time making this crap up.

You know you didn't do anything wrong, but the campus police don't seem to be particularly interested in your protestations of innocence. It's clear from the start that the police don't seem interested in right or wrong, only in making sure you get punished. 

 Sounds terrifying, right? It's also far too likely to happen now that several campuses are adopting something called a "victim-centric" approach to investigating rape accusations.
Can you say 'lawsuits', children?  I knew you could.

Seriously, this is such bullshit I'm surprised their legal advisers haven't told them what'll happen.  This is going to cost them their ass.

History.  And geology.  Volcano in a cornfield, seen from Day 1.

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