Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cartridge I'd never seen before:

the 6mm Fat Dog.  Made by necking down a 6.5 Grendel and giving the case a sharper neck angle.

Because "We can complicate ANYTHING if we just set our minds to it!"

Also, more of the RSO list:
You don't need to make sure that your bullets don't hit other people's targets or parts of the range other than the backstop, because bullets really do stop once they've hit a paper target.

The fact that you just paid a range-fee absolutely means that you shouldn't have to wait a few minutes for a bay to become available - doubly-so if you're someone important at your company. No, I don't know who you are but I can help you find out.

That the bulk of your shots on the target are low absolutely means that there's something wrong with the sights, yes.

A little Bryco, Jennings or Jimenez pistol is a great choice with which to teach your girlfriend how to shoot accurately at 15 yards plus. Bonus points if it's missing the extractor - who needs it?

"It's empty - see, the slide is locked back?" is the perfect counter to accusations of "flagging". So is the statement "It's only a .22" - everyone around you will come away much wiser.

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bobbyvee said...

took the grandkids to the new outdoor range near here yesterday. temps in the upper 90's with a lite breeze. owned and staffed by vets and retired vets. ran it like they were still in, brought back memories. they had alot of shooters considering the temps. i guess with a onetime $10 membership fee and a $15 fee to shoot all day it can't be beat for my area. kids had a great time as they had alot of willing coaches that were glad to see young-uns there. enjoy your blog, take care, and semper fi