Sunday, June 25, 2017

Because some people should be food

A guy had a close call with a gator after he strayed from a path to take a better picture.
I can't get the video to play, but the still pretty much gives you the idea.

Speaking of idiots, if you need to waste some time go you YouTube and search 'tourists annoying bison'.

Different kind of idiot, the Racist Moron.
Statement from the college:
The school will be forming a committee devoted to “unity in diversity” with the aim of helping students of all backgrounds to feel welcome, including those who identify as white, he said.
Bleep, these people are nuts.

That's not 'fudging facts', it's either not knowing crap or out-and-out lying.
But it IS MSNBC, so.

Some of these idiots are neither 'proud' nor daring; they're just on the other side.
In this statement, the progressive organizer of Chicago Pride parade says Jewish Pride flags are banned because they're visually threatening
The Dyke March Chicago also banned American flags as symbols of oppression.

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