Saturday, July 08, 2017

Experiments to be tried

Mentioned having had good results from some hard-cast 300-grain bullets over Green Dot in the .45-70, so some more of those put together.  Also have some new bullets to try: these are X-Treme 300-grain plated, with a mod: Dad has a canneluring tool, and used it on some, and gave me a few.  Need to load some over Unique, and over Green Dot and see how they do.

I also need to find someplace in town that carries Goex black.  The first black-powder .45-70 loads I put together were with it; the Graf & Sons powder seems to work well, but produces a bit lower velocity, and I'd like to find out if that was just an oddity between two brands, or maybe just something about that one pound of old powder and a newer one.

For that matter, I really need to get to the range for some handgun time.  The part-time job has turned into damn-near full-time due to circumstances, and has left no time for any range therapy.  It should(hopefully) slow back to the expected times in the near future, but until then I'll have to do more dry-fire practice.

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blindshooter said...

Hope you have better luck with the plated bullets than I. Never tried any in long guns but have loaded and shot thousands in 9MM and .45acp. They work and generally no fouling, but in the accuracy dept they leave a lot to be desired at least in my experience. I have found that the plating is fragile and anything that might disturb it will cause what accuracy you were getting to go out the window. They absolutely hate too much crimp even using taper crimp in a separate step. I still use them in 9MM blasting ammo but gave up on finding acceptable accuracy in .45. I won't be surprised if you find the cannelured ones turn out not so good. But on the other hand maybe with BP they will be the hot setup.
Good luck!