Saturday, October 22, 2016

'Non-existent' or 'not enough to matter' vote fraud again

For years here in Virginia I have observed massive fraud – in the registration process, in the absentee ballot casting, in the battle to remove photo IDs, in the voting at the polls. Recent studies have shown thousands of illegal alien registrations in Virginia, and hundreds of voters also casting votes in other states (college kids the worst offenders). My own identity (SS No.) was stolen last year and used to get a fraudulent tax refund and voting. I have written in the past about the massive fraud here with illegal alien voting. For over a decade the SEIU and its local affiliates have gone through the extensive illegal alien community here in Virginia fraudulently registering illegals who then vote in large numbers, usually in early voting or absentee ballots, because there are no poll watchers to challenge them. They even brag about it. 

And let's not forget the arrogant stupidity of Hillary Clinton and her disdain for things like (other people's) secrets:
Nope. It was about presidential response times once a nuclear strike was being detected. Like how long it would take to get the president out of the bathroom taking a crap or shower, or out of the presidential limo when out at a banquet, or from the bedroom to the communications room to initiate a counterstrike. It was marked Top Secret. TOP SECRET!
So I was floored last night when I heard Hillary Clinton come out with the “four minutes to react” comment.
I won’t confirm the accuracy of that number, or even the context she was referring to, but that was TOP SECRET information.
If we ever had the time and opportunity I would take you through a discussion of the OODA loop, a tool we in the military use to get inside an enemy’s decision cycle. What Clinton revealed last night was a clue for an enemy to know what is one of the most critical parameters of OUR OODA loop.
But what are the media, the punditry, the politicos, and unfortunately PowerLine talking about today? Donald Trump’s valid complaint that he can’t make any acceptance of election results when the threat of fraud has never been greater.

Harris is probably going to be a Senator from Californicated; if she craps on the law this way as AG, what'll she do in that office?
The execs are now hitting back -- as they should. They've asked the court to dump the case with a detailed and thorough filing. It highlights that the charges violate the First Amendment, Section 230 of the CDA and, at an even more basic level, the complaint doesn't even satisfy the requirements for "pimping," which is what they're charged with.
That Section 230 part- well, it OUGHT to get her thrown out of office for violating the law.
More specifically, the AG’s theory expressly violates Section 230, which Congress enacted twenty years ago to preserve and promote free speech on the Internet by immunizing website operators from liability for publishing content provided by third-party users. Section 230 preempts all contrary state laws—including state criminal laws. Indeed, Attorney General Harris has acknowledged that Section 230 precludes her from prosecuting, but she has now commenced a prosecution to do precisely what she admits Section 230 prohibits.

Jews and Guns, by a Jew with guns.  This is the author of Jew Without a Gun from the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and it's well worth reading.  One bit:
The Sword is Not the Cause
Ariel pointed out that in his commentary on Genesis 4:23, Ramban, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, the towering medieval scholar, writes with refreshing clarity:
“The sword is not the cause of murder, and there is no sin upon him who made it.”
In other words, a weapon, be it a sword or a gun, is neutral. It can be used for good or evil. Thus to label a gun as “bad” makes no sense, for a gun can be used in self-defense which the Torah sees as an obligation.
One of the hallmarks of postmodernism—the denial of absolute truths—is an astonishing inability to recognize, much less confront, evil. Therefore it becomes psychologically necessary for the liberal to place the blame on an inanimate object–the gun–rather than on the person who pulls the trigger. It is easier to fault the gun manufacturer for the horror at Columbine, rather than admit that two sixteen-year-old boys are evil.

The Jewish attitude, Ariel maintained, is to place the blame where it squarely belongs: on the two young men; to declare their evil, and never again utter their names. For just as goodness is a reality, so is evil.

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