Monday, October 17, 2016

When just about everybody not getting a city paycheck says you're a law-abusing jerk,

you have a problem.
So who is standing in the way. At the top, Mayor Bill de Blasio. Let me lay down a little bit of truth:

When the NY Times, NAACP, ACLU, WSJ, and NRA all come together to hold hands on something and agree that you are being tyrannical asshole, you know you screwed up.

It is hard to be so wrong about something that that the the NY Times, NAACP, ACLU, WSJ, and NRA are simultaneously right in calling you out on it, but de Blasio managed to be that wrong.
Short version: the NYPD has been abusing the definition of a 'gravity knife' to pump up their arrest numbers(i.e. 'pretend we're actually doing something worthwhile'), and throwing a bunch of honest citizens in jail.  Which has led to all kinds of lawsuits, cases being thrown out, etc.  But Comrade Mayor and his CoP can't stand the idea of losing a power to control the commoners and are screaming against any changes.
Oh look… the head of the organization that got caught red handed abusing a law using to unjustifiably arrest tradesmen is telling them what tools they should be using.
Of course.  Because he's a .gov minion, so obviously he knows what's best for everyone, in every way.

Wonderful people, aren't they?

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