Thursday, October 20, 2016

No kidding?

FBI agents say the bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey deciding not to suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information.
This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have convened but was not. That is appalling,” an FBI special agent who has worked public corruption and criminal cases said of the decision. “We talk about it in the office and don’t know how Comey can keep going.”
Because Obama and Lynch and Clinton bought him, and that's what he cares about.

And they charge huge fees to do it, too.
Colleges are toxic environments for young men these days and often, they end up causing the men who identify as male nothing but a headache. This is psychological abuse of the worst sort because it is sanctioned by the schools as a way to punish any man who dares to assert his masculinity.

More peaceful protesters.
Two journalists named Phelim McAleer and Magdalena Segieda, of the documentary FrackNation, were held hostage in their own car until a sizable police force was able to arrive on scene and escort the two journalists to safety.

Sounds like a bunch of Democrats didn't/don't like her telling the truth about what she thinks about the private ownership of arms.  Well, guess what, guys?  WE don't like what she thinks, period.

I'd never heard of the 'angel's glow'.

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