Tuesday, October 18, 2016

'Clinton Camp Worried Gun Control Position Would Not Play Well in Southern States'

No shit?
A top Clinton campaign staffer worried her gun control stance would turn off voters in southern states, a hacked email released on Sunday shows.
I could just save this to paste: "Translation: Say what the current audience wants to hear."

I do wonder, considering how many people in other states have become gun owners the last few years, do they have any idea how many non-southerners are pissed-off by her gun-grabbing ways?
(forgot to publish earlier)


Unknown said...

I don't think it will play well in any state

Steve said...

What woodweezel said. It's not going to play well in any State. A lot of people have changed their stance on the 2nd, from 'it lets me play with guns and hunt', to 'I need this to defend me and mine from the tyranny, be it local or fed, that's just around the corner'.

skybill said...

YGBSM2x!!! She's just now starting to think about that?? GEEZ!!! The Bitch lives in a total Vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!