Friday, August 05, 2016

Sounds like something the SJWs would try here

A MAN who famously stood up to the Munich shooter after he killed nine people is facing being charged by a prosecutor for insulting the killer.
What will be included in the charges remains to be established, as it whether they will be brought forward.

But Mr Weinzierl, suggested they could include “insults to the detriment of the dead.”
I suggest Mr.  Weinzierl is a friggin' idiot, and if he does this should be removed from office.

"The truth is what I say it is!"  At this point I don't know if she'd just lying, or if she actually believes herself when she does.

Gun bigot breaks Oregon law he supports, apparently without knowing it(which says something all by itself).  Now
"If the pastor is prosecuted, it will demonstrate the idiocy of the law and the people who passed it," [Oregon Firearms Federation Executive Director Kevin] Starrett told The Review on Wednesday. "If the pastor is not prosecuted, it will demonstrate that anti-gun liberals are above the law and it was only intended to hurt the average gun owner, against whom it could be selectively enforced."
And open things up for charges of selective prosecution, and that could become a circus.

Another demonstration of
Why asset forfeiture should be ended unless there's an actual conviction, and
Why some prosecutors should be thrown out of office.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the po' fool that stood up to that killer....SOMEBODY has to be blamed and it's not going to be the muslime!!!!