Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Oh, this is going to set the EUnuchs off

“I really think that citizens should arm themselves against terrorists. And I honestly admit that I changed my mind, because previously I was against [citizens] having too many weapons. After these attacks, I don’t think so [anymore]”.

The Czech president said he was now in favour of arming the population over “the long term” and said he was convinced that if any of the revellers at the Bataclan music venue in Paris had been carrying a gun in their pocket when it was attacked by Islamist killers, there would have been fewer casualties.
...In his interview President Zeman specifically took aim at the European Union (EU) which is using the recent terror attacks as a pretext to curtail gun ownership.

Rejecting the plan, he said: “It is important that their right [to own and carry firearms] is not hindered as proposed recently by the European Commission. I am glad the Czech Republic is defending against this.”
They must've just about wet their pants when they read this.

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