Saturday, August 06, 2016

That was interesting

I've got a Surefire 9P light I've been using for... I think about fifteen years.  Couple of days ago, in the middle of lighting something, it went off.  "Crap, guess the lamp finally went."

No, tried a new lamp and no good.  Checked the batteries, and they showed, if anything, a bit above full charge.  Which is odd, as they've been in there for months, and it's been used.  So put in new batteries, and there is light!

At this point I don't know if one of the batteries went weird and cut flow, or if they all did something, and I really don't know, other than switching one at a time, a way to find out.  I may mess with it later.


Arthur said...

You could try cleaning off the contacts on the batteries and throwing the same ones back in. If they've been in there for a while they can build up enough crud to kill the light.

Firehand said...

Tried. No idea what the bleep happened here. Will mess with it later, right now it's downright nice outside, so I'm going to take advantage of it.