Monday, August 01, 2016

The Modern Service Revolver,

A Modest Proposal
This should set some people off.


Phelps said...

Making this the default service weapon of the police would be nice, too.

You want a semi-auto? Fine. You complete a high-intensity, 80 hour training course, and keep up a mandatory 4 hours a month range time requirement, and you can carry a semi-auto. You're lucky we don't make your carry your single bullet for your revolver in your shirt pocket, Barney.

I am more comfortable with ARs in the car than semi-auto pistols. If the cops know that they are going into an actually dangerous situation, then they should be carrying the rifle. If it isn't, the semi-auto just seems to get them into more trouble than it gets them out of.

Alien said...

I'm on board with it, but if one bases one's choice on track record it should be .45 Colt not .38 Special (see: U.S. Cavalry, Moro Indian Uprising, Wild West, etc.). Back in the '80s Lew Horton got Smith to make some 3" 625 round butt revolvers - 150 of the 2500 were in Colt, the rest in ACP cut for moon clips, so it's been proven they can make them, and the round butt grip frame works for smaller hands.

Anonymous said...

If you quit putting women and faggots in uniform you won't need to think about "hand size" for 90% of your troops. As to the revolver: The dominant handgun in WW1 US service was the .45 ACP. The average SIZE of the ww1 trooper was 5 foot 5 inches and 120 pounds. About the size of most women today. They had NO problems with recoil, nor would properly trained MALE troops today. The thing everyone seems to miss is this. Your Government DOES NOT WANT an army that can win wars. They don't want it trained, and they don't want it equipped to win wars. It wants an army that sucks up tax money, and keeps the most aggressive from leading the sheep to freedom. The revolver is a weapon that will stay in service for generations, making it undesirable to the tax spenders and weapons industry. You cannot turn it out by the zillions on CNC CAD machines, for pennies and change 9000USD a pop for a 5000 round lifespan alloy and plastic firearm. So the government won't do it.---Ray