Tuesday, June 14, 2016

While all the usual suspects are screaming "BAN EVERYTHING!!",

one of the best Cluebats™ every made for beating them with came from Larry Correia, and it's here.  It's a long piece, but well worth the time to read.  And quote from.  Good for hammering idiocy.

Speaking of idiocy,
You'll notice there's no 'was used to', or any reference to human agency; it's as if the wastes of oxygen who committed the crimes didn't really exist.  Because it's so much easier to come up with idiocy such as 'This gun is JUST LIKE A NUKE!  Or a Sarin bomb!", than it is to deal with the ugly fact that evil people committed the acts.

That no-fly list Hillary and a bunch of other hoplophobes think should ban people from owning guns?  Here's part of why that's such a load of crap:
Chief Judge Alex Kozinski had a simple question for the government attorney: what would you do if you found yourself on the No Fly List? After some hemming and hawing, the attorney said that he would seek “redress” from the Department of Homeland Security – even though DHS does not place people on the No Fly list and has no authority to remove them (that’s the FBI’s job). Because, the lawyer conceded, DHS would not be able to confirm or deny whether he was on the list, he would then seek review in a federal appellate court. And what would the court be able to do?, asked Judge Kozinski. Not much, said the government lawyer. In fact, the lawyer would not even concede that a federal court possessed the authority to order someone removed from the No Fly List.

Speaking of,

Ever noticed that when Obama blames someone being radicalized on 'things found on the internet', it does two things: gives him a way to claim 'We need more control over the internet', and takes things like, say, imams saying that 'killing homosexuals is a kindness' out of the picture?


Phelps said...

Also, let us not forget, THIS GUY WAS NOT ON THE LIST. He was on the list at one time and then the FBI took him OFF OF THE LIST because they had "cleared" him.

He had a SECURITY LICENSE that had JUST been renewed. This guy was vetted in ALL THE WAYS that the Democrats want.

Firehand said...

You're not supposed to mention that. And it doesn't count. Shut up, they explained.

Phssthpok said...

I could be wrong, but it appears that the firearm in the supplied photo might qualify as an 'SBR'...

Firehand said...

Which requires an application, and a tax, and getting the stamp, and you're not supposed to know or say THAT, either.

markm said...

About Hillary: Forget Bengazi. Forget her lies and destruction of evidence. Just look at what the FBI says they have from the e-mails that survived the wipe:'

--Over 2,000 classified documents exposed on a poorly secured private server. (When I was in the Air Force, leaving ONE classified document - of much lower classification and importance than what Clinton would have been receiving - on my desk while I went to the bathroom would have at a minimum caused a change of job and non-judicial punishment, or if they didn't like my attitude, it could have been a prison term.)

--E-mail from Clinton instructing her aides to REMOVE SECURITY MARKINGS and transfer documents from the closed and secured government system to her private e-mail.

--All because she wouldn't bother to learn to use any of the approved ways of accessing the secure e-mail - or even enter a password (according to FBI accounts of interviews with her IT people).

This is NOT someone who can be trusted with the nuclear launch codes.


One caveat here: the FBI is trying the case in the news, which is something I normally deplore. They may be distorting the facts. If possible, I'll wait for the actual evidence to be presented in court. But in this case, the main reason this wasn't thrashed out in court years ago is because Clinton was stonewalling and attempting to delete the evidence. She isn't in court _now_ only because instead of a reasonably honest and competent lawyer for AG, Obama appointed political hacks to head the "Just Us" department. So the FBI leaks are the only way we're going to hear about this before a Republican is in the White House, and I have to go with what their claiming.

Firehand said...

Don't forget the State Dept. under John Effing Kerry, also playing games and stonewalling and lying.

I don't think it's that she 'wouldn't bother', it think it's purely "I want a private system that will be harder for anyone to get into." And the only ones she cared about hiding things from was the IG, and anyone else investigating.