Monday, June 13, 2016

I swear, the idiots in charge won't stop this crap until there's a Mumbai attack

in a major city.  And maybe not then.
On Sunday, the East Orlando Post reported startling words from James Copenhaver, whom it described as a “veteran investigator and former Orlando law enforcement officer.” Said Copenhaver:
I have been in this business for 30 years, and we all in law enforcement have talked about one of the theme parks getting hit by these terrorist killers. Never in all my years of training, and being involved in several investigative units, to include the FBI Task Force, would we have ever guessed a LGBT club be a target of an terrorist attack.
Why would they never have guessed?

Because the FBI and other law enforcement agencies don’t study Islam, and this is a direct result of Muslim groups demanding the removal of such material. Those who are committed to protecting us are taught to downplay and deny the motivating ideology behind jihad terror attacks.
You'd think that, even without training on the matter, the images of gays being thrown off buildings, and stoned to death, might have made just a little impression...

But apparently not.  Which is so idiotic, I can't really describe it.

PC at any cost.


Crotalus said...

FBI=Federation of Blithering Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Close, but I have to respectfully disagree.

They don't want a Mumbai massacre which only killed some 164 people or even a Beslan where some 385 died. They want a cultural revolution like Red China where some 20 million to 75+ million died. All enemies of the Communist party, you understand.

~That is what they want.~

When you read about hippies/leftist/Democrats talk about concentration and reeducation camps, they aren't joking.

Windy Wilson said...

They never would have guessed a nightclub for gay people could be the target of murderous thugs from an organization that hurls men accused of homosexual acts off high buildings.
They never could have guessed airplanes might be flown into buildings as improvised missiles, except there was another conspiracy discovered five or six years earlier that had exactly that as the means of destruction of completely different buildings.
They never could have guessed the Japanese would attack without warning, except that was their modus operandi in the Russo Japanese War, and the Sino Japanese War, and the entire war, start to finish was described in Hector Bynum's 1925 book, "The Great Pacific War".