Thursday, June 16, 2016

I really wish Arizona had gone ahead with the recall on McCain,

9/11 and all, because that chickenshit is the damage that just keeps going on.
I understand what might be the sentiment. It costs $200,000 a year to store them, and the metal could be used to construct things the army could actually use. My problem here is that the 1911s McCain has marked for destruction and repurpose are primarily the ones meant to go to the CMP.

Why McCain feels the need to strip the CMP of their shipments of 1911's to distribute to the people, I'm not sure. Perhaps it is just frugality, but getting M1911's into the hands of civilians should be something any Republican should be gung-ho to do. Especially since the CMP is one of those organizations that sells to people who have only gone through all the necessary training and education.

God knows why that bastard does ANYTHING at this point.  I just hope Arizona will finally send his ass home.


Fred said...

If you really want to know who McCain is watch some of the old videos of him on the Indian Affairs Sub-Commitee at cspan or pbs.

That little hitlarian should be nowhere near to a position where he can hurt people at all, again, ever.

Anonymous said...

$200,000 a year? Fine. Fire two high-level Affirmative Action hires in the government.

Or, kick four Detroit welfare queens off welfare for their multiple felony convictions.

There. Budget shortfall fixed.

But it was never about the money at all, was it? It was always about spitting on the Constitution and making a point, i.e, virtue-signalling. Hell, they'll probably try to find a way to give them to ISIS, the Kenyan's pet terrorist organization, that he created and armed, next.

Genericviews said...

The CMP is just another bloated government program that has outlived its purpose. The civilian marketplace is MUCH better at satisfying the needs of American gun owners than CMP. The best thing for the government would be to eliminate the CMP and sell those guns at auction, like it sells everything else it no longer needs.

This is especially true since the government actively does not support the goals of the CMP and does everything they can to keep former military weapons (not just military-style weapons) out of the hands of civilians. So, MRAPS, aircraft, Tanks (with no guns) and even old shotguns, are never sold to the public.

I can tell you this, those Predator drones would make sweet private aircraft with only a few modifications.

Windy Wilson said...

Yes, but the government -- THE GOVERNMENT!!! SENDS YOU A Garand to your door.