Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oh yeah, this is going to end well...

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling weapons to radical Islamists in Sweden, Bosnian Serb authorities said on Friday.
Five arrests were made by Bosnian-Serbian anti-terrorism officials on Thursday, said officials, after large quantities of military-grade weapons were found during police raids.

A spokesperson said the arrests were carried out as part of Swedish-run operation called 'Varg RS', but Swedish authorities would not confirm nor comment on the police raids.
According to claims in Bosnian Serb media cited by TT, police suspect that the smugglers had intended to deliver the weapons to a group in Sweden called 'Muslim Brothers'.

It was not immediately known whether or not the group was linked to the islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood, which has its roots in Egypt.

Yeah, it's going to be kind of alarming to the populace to find out that some of the 'migrants' are doing this. Might even be damaging to goodthink.

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