Monday, May 16, 2016

Attention LEOs: the answer to crap like this

is not perjury, destruction of evidence, or pretending it didn't happen: it's to clean your own damned house, not make excuses for idiots, abusers and criminals.

And if you, or your department, is involved in covering-up, lying, and otherwise violating just about every one of Peel's Principles- not to mention perjury and other crimes- then you have not one damned bit of justification for griping that 'people don't respect us anymore', or anything related.l


Jerome Stevens said...

Wow. The raid was horribly executed, but the investigation was worse. I am a 25-year LE veteran, and you always hate to second-guess, but the video confirms the entire deal was F-d up and they should have been held accountable big-time.

Firehand said...

"...they should have been held accountable big-time."
Exactly. That's all most people ask for, that when cops break the law they be held accountable. Just like everyone else.

Yet speaking that causes a disgusting number of people to call you a cop-hater, anarchist, and various other things.

I'll throw in: the prosecutors who found out the cops lied, and instead of prosecuting them tried to help the cover things up, they should be dealt with as well.