Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gee, I don't know, why DON'T people trust the 'Justice' Department anymore?

Or the two-faced corrupt jerks who work there?
A federal judge ordered the Justice Department to send its lawyers back to remedial ethics classes Thursday after finding that the administration repeatedly misledlied to the court in the high-profile challenge to President Obama’s deportation amnesty.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen said the lawyers knew the administration was approving amnesty applications but actively hid that information both from him and from the 26 states that had sued to stop the amnesty.

Worse yet, even after the court ordered a halt to the whole amnesty, the Homeland Security Department approved several thousand more applications, in defiance of the court’s strict admonition, Judge Hanen said, counting at least four separate times the government’s lawyers misledlied their ass off to him.
There.  Fixed that for him.

The Do'J' is all pissed-off about it.
“The department strongly disagrees with the order,” said spokesman Patrick Rodenbush.
 Of course it does; you corrupt little shits are used to getting away with this crap, and it must be really annoying for someone to actually DO something about it.

In court, the government lawyers had admitted they’d left the judge with the wrong impression, and expressed regret and sorrow.
Translation: "We lied like hell, over and over, and we're really sorry we got called on it."

Really, the PROPER course of action would've been to charge them for lying to the court, and starting disbarment procedures.  Unfortunately, all they're getting is a class to sleep through.

And the bastards wonder why they're looked on with contempt.

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