Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ok, someone explain to my why the Dept. of Homeland Screwing People OverSecurity

is involved in any way with these things?

Same people whining "We need more money and people!"  Maybe if you weren't screwing around in crap that's none of your damned business YOU'D HAVE MORE PEOPLE AND MONEY FOR WHAT YOU'RE ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO DO?*

*Which seems to be 'Screw people around as much as possible, and demand more money and people'.  Kind of blackmailing us.

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Genericviews said...

I have been seeing this story a lot lately. The excuses are always the same. Understaffing and passengers who don't move fast enough. But no explanation about why the same passengers and staffing didn't have this problem in any month leading up to this over the past ten years. If I had to guess, I would say that there is a deliberate attempt to make traveling more painful because the TSA employees are about to enter union contract negotiations for more pay. It seems too reasonable that this is an intentional and coordinated event. passenger demand didn't suddenly increase.