Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Well, I'm either having a nasty allergy situation,

or I've got the plague.  Don't really feel feverish, but can't check because my thermometer is gone walkabout.

Speaking of plagues, we have Bernie Sanders and his "I think it will make us feel and look good, so screw the consequences, someday they'll thank us for it!" idiocy on free trade..
Ok, one of his idiocies.

Every stupid bastard on this drug task force should be fired.  And prosecuted for the property that's been lost(or stolen).  This is bullshit and dung beetle would turn its nose up at.

Steyn slowly rose and riposted, in a tone of withering contempt, “I wasn’t going to do funny stuff. I was going to be deadly serious. (But) I’m slightly amazed at Simon’s ability to get big laughs on gang rape.” Vigorous applause. He went on, “Mme Arbour scoffs at the ‘newfound feminists.’ I’m not much of a feminist, but I draw the line at a three year old … and a seven year old getting raped.” Vigorous applause.

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