Thursday, April 07, 2016

Equipment report: priming tool

With the arthritis, using some priming tools has become difficult at times, so when I saw an ad on this new Lee tool, I was interested.  Very. 

Along with a lot of other people, as everyone from the Lee site to wherever I found it listed was 'out of stock', on and on.  Then I lucked into one about a week ago.

So far, I really like it.  Only used it on about a hundred cases(small rifle) so far, need to prime a lot more stuff, including large, to really try it out, but so far it's good.


Anonymous said...

My wife decided to do something about my whining about my shoulder and other joints hurting when I loaded a bunch of pistol rounds, we both love to plink with pistols and occasionally an AR. Weather permitting we burn about 200 pistol rounds a week, sometimes more so I spent a lot of time at the bench. On her own she researched progressive press types and found that the Dillon 1050 was about the easiest on the operator so she surprised me with one on my last b-day. I love that woman..... Now I can knock out 3 or 4 hundred in a half hour or so if I have clean brass and the best is my arm/shoulder don't need a day or two for recovery afterwards. Long story short, better tools can make life so much better. I still use the two LnL presses but nearly as much, its nice to prep rifle brass on one and load on another. Slowly... it sucks getting old.

Arthur said...

I still like the Lee auto-prime hand presses - even better now that I don't have to buy bags of replacement handles since on the old style round autoprime the handles would last about 100 rounds for me before cracking.

But on a whim I picked up the Lee ram prime and surprisingly it doesn't suck. I thought getting the primers into the cup one by one would be super fiddly and take forever but I found it actually goes really smoothly. I like it a LOT better than the primer arm that comes with the Lee Classic cast presses. The only downside is way they hold the seating stem in with simple spring tension. It would have been nice if they had added a set screw or something similar. Having the seating stem go flying across the room if the tension isn't right is no fun at all.