Monday, April 04, 2016

If true, this would have to work hard to rise to the level of 'inexcusable',

it's far worse than that.  And every officer involved belongs in a cell.  Plus the fines.

And if it can be shown that their supervisors and chief knew they did crap like this, they belong in the cells next door.

And even if every word is true, the union and so forth will insist that 'this was all blown out of proportion' and such crap.  Because badges.


Anonymous said...

The scum has risen to the top and the muck is getting deeper.
The power that is given to police is exactly that power easiest to abuse with impunity as it is usually the abused victim against the system and it is easy to dismiss the "perp's" complaints as hyperbole.
The justice system is too monolithic there is no outside oversight and media attention focuses on special classes in a preferred narrative. We get treated like criminals because to police there are perps in jail, perps not yet caught and LEO's with a minor leavening of political power-brokers. Everyone is a potential suspect and arrests are their coup counts.

Dan said...

I GUARANTEE that NOTHING will happen to the officers and any
compensation for this abuse will come straight out of the pockets
of the longsuffering taxpayers.....AGAIN. In other words it's
'business as usual'.....and then these assholes wonder why people
shoot at them.