Friday, April 08, 2016

This is definitely allergy/sinus crap, not the plague

And it's about the worse allergy/sinus crap I've ever had.  But at least I don't ache as bad today.  So, in the latest installment of "We're ATF, we don't have to follow rules",
The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives came forward Thursday, admitting that a box spotted and removed from an SRP power pole on 21st and Glendale avenues belonged to them and was part of an ongoing investigation. 

ATF officials would not elaborate on the investigation and would not say if they were conducting surveillance in the area.
ATF tells ABC15 depending on the investigation and security they can put security measures in place without permission.

They say in this case they "acted within their bounds" but would not elaborate.
Translation: "We got away with it for a while, now leave us alone."

And if some lineman had been injured by the damn thing, they'd take no responsibility.  Because that's what they do.

Yes, Paradise police officer Patrick Feaster should've been prosecuted.  Yes, the decision to not prosecute was taken by many as 'He's got a badge, he can get away with ANYTHING."

Because that's exactly what happened.  He shot a man without justification, then spent vital minutes not bothering to mention he'd shot him, and from the video appeared he tried to find his expended brass(probably to hide it: 'No, I didn't shoot him!'), and still has his badge, and faced no real penalty.  Yeah, that's going to help your relations with the public.

Short version: Lots of the research on foods, especially that demonizing meat, fat, and real milk, is bullshit.  It always was, and lots of the research 'proving' it bad doesn't deserve the name.  For example,
The nutritional establishment wasn’t greatly discomfited by the absence of definitive proof, but by 1993 it found that it couldn’t evade another criticism: while a low-fat diet had been recommended to women, it had never been tested on them (a fact that is astonishing only if you are not a nutrition scientist). The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute decided to go all in, commissioning the largest controlled trial of diets ever undertaken. As well as addressing the other half of the population, the Women’s Health Initiative was expected to obliterate any lingering doubts about the ill-effects of fat.

It did nothing of the sort. At the end of the trial, it was found that women on the low-fat diet were no less likely than the control group to contract cancer or heart disease. This caused much consternation. The study’s principal researcher, unwilling to accept the implications of his own findings, remarked: “We are scratching our heads over some of these results.” A consensus quickly formed that the study – meticulously planned, lavishly funded, overseen by impressively credentialed researchers – must have been so flawed as to be meaningless. The field moved on, or rather did not.

I'd thought about hitting the outdoor range today, but the rifle ammo I wanted to test hasn't been loaded(something about not wanting to make it with somewhat blurry eyes and my nose running like a hose at intervals).  So I'll load it today and hope for nice weather one day next week.  In the meantime, I really ought to clean up the mess in the workroom.

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