Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Being from Oklahoma, this part

must be pointed out:
Moving north across the Red River, Okies are an interesting example of what happens when you point fifty thousand people of varying backgrounds in the direction of two million acres of land and say “if you live on it, it’s yours.” Oklahoma has been the site of some of the worst droughts in American history, and Okie culture brings with it a healthy conviction that one can live through goddamn anything.


skybill said...

Hi Firehand,
That part about Okies can live thru anything....sayz it all!!

Pawpaw said...

Heck, there for a while, if you were living on the river, you might go to sleep in Texas and wake up in Oklahoma. The boundary was rather fluid, meaning that the river might change course.

I think it's settled down a little bit lately.

Anonymous said...

Check out the book "The Worst Hard Time" for life in the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma during the dust bowl years. Unbelievable.
-Jim in Texas