Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who is the JV team again?

American proxies are now at war with each other in Syria.

Officials with Syrian rebel battalions that receive covert backing from one arm of the U.S. government told BuzzFeed News that they recently began fighting rival rebels supported by another arm of the U.S. government.

The infighting between American proxies is the latest setback for the Obama administration’s Syria policy and lays bare its contradictions as violence in the country gets worse.
'Leading from Behind'.   'Smart Diplomacy'.  You couldn't make this crap up without being called stupid.

Throw in the CIA apparently being more worried about playing SJW games than in, say, finding out what the hell other people and countries are doing...

20 Signs That We're Not Living In a Patriarchy

You really couldn't make this shit up:  "We can't have segregated meetings in a public building?  WE'RE HAVING TO MOVE BECAUSE OF WHITE PRIVILEGE!!"

"This post was hurtful and destructive to our campus community. While social media can certainly bring about positive change, it can also be a place that deeply hurts and harms others."

Said the statement by the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater whiny grievance-seeking bitchchancellor about a Snapchat photograph of 2 students who posed in the middle of having a facial that had dark goo spread on their faces. The students say they just thought it looked funny and had no thought of imitating black people.
These idiots already have lots of students afraid to say or do ANYTHING for fear some asshole will call them a racist or whatever-ist and try to get them thrown out of school; having officials feed into the idiocy does not help.  'Higher Education' my ass.

'Never talk to a college girl' might seem a bit strong.  Then you consider idiocy like the above, and that you can be accused of sexual assault for asking someone out, or saying "You look nice today", or one of her friends can take offense and accuse you.  Then 'never' starts sounding better.

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