Sunday, February 21, 2016

Have I mentioned that I'm sick to Gods-damned death of bigoted fools

who insist the ONLY reason you  can have to oppose Obama- on anything- is that you're a racist?

Or that the only reason anyone opposes Obamacare is 'irrational hatred'?


Toastrider said...

What'd you expect, Firehand?

They certainly can't defend his actions on their merits.

Also, was there supposed to be a link in there? Usually you link to whatever sets you off. :)

Firehand said...

No link, it was on Bookface. Another group of leftists who'd scream in outrage if their Rep or Sen went along with just about anything a 'R' President did, who consider opposition to a 'D' President to be next to treason. And anyone who opposes him HAS to be racist, etc. ad Bullshit.

Just happened to really piss me off last night.