Saturday, February 27, 2016

Professor Click is now out-and-out lying (update)

Click told investigators that the student journalist, Mark Schierbecker, appeared threatening when he approached her inside the perimeter of protesters.
Click told investigators she was concerned that Schierbecker might have a gun because the Missouri Legislature had recently passed a law allowing students to carry concealed firearms on campus.
Slight problems:
Let's step back for a moment. Click allegedly thought the student had a gun, so her response was to bring other students into the situation, possibly putting them in harm's way.

Also, Missouri did not pass a law allowing concealed firearms on campus. A month after the incident, a state senator introduced such a bill.
Liar, liar, pants on fire. 
Update: Mr. Day pointed out she has been fired.  Guess they could paper over the 'I need muscle' crap(though why would they?), but the extra idiocy pushed them to act.
The curators’ earlier decision to suspend Click has been criticized by the MU Faculty Council and the American Association of University Professors.
Of course it was; the idea of their august selves actually being held responsible for the crap they do must upset them something terrible.

Speaking of lying progressive assholes, I present the guy who apparently gave Obama & Co. some of their ideas on how to damage the US, the same way he damaged Britain.

I'm not excerpting anything, there's too much on the lies, betrayals, and generally disgusting actions.  But then those are what we expect from socialists.

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The bitch has been fired.