Wednesday, December 02, 2015

And a bunch of the left, once again, demonstrate what shitbirds they are

Today, all the typical imbeciles were on the same page. From The Nation to Huffington Post to this guy...

...the leftwing sure appeared to be in a coordinated mockery of offering "thoughts and prayers" to victims of shootings.

Gee, ya think maybe?
On whether the attack is terrorism, Bowdich said he was "still not willing to say that we know this for sure," but said some adjustments were being made to the investigation.

"It is a possibility, but we don't know that yet," he said. "We will go where the evidence takes us... when we are fairly sure we'll let you know."

Bowdich added "there's a few potential things" that point toward terrorism.
Two suspects in the SUV were killed in the gunbattle with police: one male, one female, both dressed in "assault-style clothing," both armed with assault rifles and handguns. The chief added that "sensitive stuff" was discovered around the vehicle.
That mean Dianne Feintstein will now introduce the 'Public Safety Ban of Assault Clothing Act of 2015?

And, as expected, every blood-dancing bigot and hoplophobe out there is screaming at the tops of their lungs for 'MORE GUN LAWS!'

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