Thursday, December 03, 2015

Why so many Democrat(and a few Republicans of 'proper' words) get away

with the crap they do: most of the media is either in their pocket or up their ass.

'Disgusting' is a good word.  Had any journalist worth being called a reporter actually cared to, and had an editor with some balls, piles of this crap could've come out a long time ago.

Ever notice that Obama & Co. have nothing to say about another weekend of carnage in Chicago, but when they want to pump up the 'MASS SHOOTINGS!' numbers, every one of the incidents gets thrown in?

Insty has a reminder of what a Clinton staffer said:
“We have yet to propose anything that people think will make any difference. The people who are generally for gun control don’t make it a voting issue because it has no real impact on their lives. On the other hand, the inconvenience and hassle of wading through another round with indifferent and incompetent bureaucrats and the fear that this is only the first step toward more radical measures are quite real to people who own guns.”

Then came the real bombshell:

“Much as I hate to say it, the NRA is effective primarily because it is largely right when it claims that most gun control measures inconvenience and threaten the law-abiding while having little or no impact on violent crime and criminals.”

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