Wednesday, December 02, 2015

This was a really stupid place to make this statement

...Obama went on to say he hopes the latest incident will ignite conversations at all levels of government to reduce gun violence that he said “just doesn’t happen in other countries.”
The failed President delivered his diatribe from Paris, France, where 130 were murdered and 368 were injured in terror attacks just two weeks ago,the majority of whom were gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
I can only figure that he thinks the left- which includes most of the media- won't care about the bullshit, as long as what he says feeds the Preferred Narrative.

Slight problem: even some of the usually-tame media seems to be saying "Uh, just a minute there, Sparky":
...Is his statement true? In one sense, the answer would be “yes.” President Obama’s statement was in the form of: “Every time X happens, I say Y.” As a historic self-description of Obama’s own rhetoric, Obama’s statement is mostly true, but only in recent years.
Is the president’s statement about “other countries” accurate? No. For example, on Nov. 20, 2015, mass shooters attacked a hotel in Mali, murdering at least 19 people.
There's a list of others, then
Perhaps President Obama does not know about the above events or believes that for some reason that mass shootings in Africa, Asia or Latin America don’t “count.” This is a surprising perspective for someone who, in his autobiography, claims to have closely studied the works of radical anti-colonialist “Franz [sic] Fanon” and to have spent much time discussing “Eurocentrism” with his Columbia University friends.

Suppose we accept the president’s implicit premise that “other countries” includes only the most-developed countries of the West. With this limitation, what is the accuracy of his statement that “these mass shootings; this just doesn’t happen in other countries”? Plainly false, especially considering that the president was speaking in Paris, the site of multiple mass shootings on Nov. 13 and of the Charlie Hebdo mass shootings in January.
There's a lot more.  At the end
As President Obama pointed out today, he has repeatedly made the same claim about “other countries” and mass shootings. When he did so last June, Politifact examined the issue, including the research of Professors Schildkraut and Elsass. Politifact rated the Obama claim “Mostly False.” Yet he continues to make the claim, speaking in a city with repressive gun control and which only 18 days ago suffered a horrific series of mass shootings. President Obama’s second book touted his “audacity,” and the president’s remarks today demonstrated chutzpah.
Personally, I'd say they 'demonstrated his usual method of lying and counting on his ass-kissers to back him up', but that's just me.

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Anonymous said...

When I accidently heard that (I never listed to that asswhole on purpose) I thought nobody could be that stupid, ignorant, uncaring, idiotic, crass, cruel, etc. But then I remembered who it was and knew that was his normal way of being.