Friday, December 04, 2015

Yeah, I'd wondered about this

The media kept yelling "All the guns legally purchased!" at the same time the murderers hadn't bought the rifles(which brings up "You mean a federal violation for straw purchases?").  And, as I'd thought,
While they were originally sold legally, with magazine locking devices commonly known as bullet buttons, the rifles were subsequently altered in different ways to make them more powerful, according to Meredith Davis, a special agent with the ATF.

The Smith & Wesson rifle was changed in an attempt to enable it fire in fully automatic mode, while the DPMS weapon was modified to use a large-capacity magazine, she said.

Those alterations made the weapons unlawful under California’s ban on assault weapons, which bans guns with magazines that can detach for quick reloading.
Yes, it's an idiotic statement to say to make them more powerful ; it IS coming from ATF.  Basic point stands: they were modified in violation of both state and federal laws.

But the gun bigots and the media, which is mostly Democrat operatives with bylines, will keep claiming we just need one more law, and all will be wonderful!


Pawpaw said...

Yeah, but if they try harder, it will work out next time.

I've been trying to decide just exactly how many laws were broken before the first bullet hit flesh. Several for sure, maybe as many as a dozen. This morning we learned that the female shooter had pledged allegiance to Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of ISIS. It's instructive to watch the Dems (including the President) focus on the guns and ignore the enemy.

We're at war and everyone knows it except the Democratic Party. Their wilful neglect of that fact might be considered treason.

Old 1811 said...

Of course, it's possible that the ATF spokeswoman said something along he lines of, "increase the rate of fire", and the reporter made up the "more powerful" quote to juice the story.
In addition to the Federal straw purchase violation, California law prohibits private transfers that don't go through an FFL. It's one of the common-sense California laws that Senator Boxer claims works so well.